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    Honored and humbled to be a part of Desktopography this year! I can without a doubt say this is one of my favorite releases, ever. While I was working on this piece I was reminded again that the time you put in IS the product you get out. Download the wallpaper here: www.desktopography.net

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    Here’s a small tease of my desktopography piece this year - I didn’t think I’d get it done but where there’s a will there’s a way :) can’t wait for next week! #Desktopography #desktopograpgy2014

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    Something Cool Every Day 07

    My thoughts to the haters

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    Something Cool Every Day 06

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    Something Cool Every Day 05

    On my neon light binge

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    Something Cool Every Day: Entry 04

    Something Cool Every Day: Entry 04

    Nothing much to say about this one, just another day and another piece of art. I’ve been love with all neon everything lately.

    Entry 04: Stay Golden

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    Something New Everyday: Entry 03

    We’re goin hard tonight baby! I haven’t tried to legitimately draw since 2008 - homage to Macklemore, one of the biggest forces of influence in my life. Enjoy Entry 03: Macklemore

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    Entry 02: Make Something Cool Every Day

    Be honest: who thought I fell off already!? Your boy is here to prove ya wrong.

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    Make Something Cool Every Day: Entry 01

    Make Something Cool Every Day: Entry 01

    Hey everyone! I’m starting a new initiative for myself to grow as a designer: it’s going to be called Make Something Cool Every Day. You’ve probably seen something similar done by other artists such as photographers or digital artists – and now its my turn to finally commit. I will be uploading a new piece of art EVERY SINGLE DAY for the next 365 days (ONE YEAR).

    And what better to begin with…

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    Me while walking down van nuys